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EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB. But it won't' be much use unless you can carry me upstairs and lock me in my room. This process is termed the retinaculum, and serves, in conjunction with the frenulum, to lock the wings together during flight.
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lock statement C reference Microsoft Docs.
The lock statement acquires the mutual-exclusion lock for a given object, executes a statement block, and then releases the lock. While a lock is held, the thread that holds the lock can again acquire and release the lock. Any other thread is blocked from acquiring the lock and waits until the lock is released.
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Nobody has time for all those keys, so just use 1 key for all your locks. Simply insert your vehicles ignition key into the BOLT lock, turn it once and the lock mechanically and permanently learns the key code. Use Your Vehicle Key. For Multiple BOLT Locks.
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Veelzijdigheid en vakkundigheid gegarandeerd bij uw machine transport. Binnen Lock Transport hebben we al vele jaren ervaring binnen het vak van transport: al sinds 1931. Dit heeft ervoor gezorgd dat wij helemaal thuis zijn op het gebied van transport, waardoor wij werkelijk elke transport opdracht tot een goed einde kunnen brengen.
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An extensive range of locking systems. Our range of locking systems is broad and includes Camlocks, Metal Furniture Locks, Wooden Furniture Locks, Quarter Turn Locks, Key Switches, Electronic Locks, Mechanical Combination Locks, Coin Operated Locks, Pin Tumbler Locks, Handles and Knobs, Lever Locks, Water Resistant Locks and Special Locks.
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Norwegian defense replaces thousands of door locks with Danish smart locks from Danalock. September 3, 2018. The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency has, as one of the major property managers in Norway, decided to make housing and apartments keyless, thus saving money on administration.
Java 8 Concurrency Tutorial: Synchronization and Locks.
ExecutorService executor Executors.newFixedThreadPool2; StampedLock lock new StampedLock; executor.submit long stamp lock.tryOptimisticRead; try System.out.printlnOptimistic" Lock Valid: lock.validatestamp; sleep1; System.out.printlnOptimistic" Lock Valid: lock.validatestamp; sleep2; System.out.printlnOptimistic" Lock Valid: lock.validatestamp; finally lock.unlockstamp; executor.submit long stamp lock.writeLock; try System.out.printlnWrite" Lock acquired" sleep2; finally lock.unlockstamp; System.out.printlnWrite" done" stopexecutor.;

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